Local Ice Cream Shops

The assignment was to do a summery story about local ice cream shops in the area opening and getting more business.

I started by talking to Brian Dumont, our Supervisor, about some advice on how to do the story.  He usually critiques my stories after they are done and I get all of these ideas on how I should have done it.  So, this time I wanted to ask him beforehand, and I am so glad I did!!

ImageHe gave me the idea to do the chocolate vanilla debate to add some fun to it as well as visit three ice cream shops instead of just one.  I loved the ideas and tried to make this assignment full of quick interviews instead of long ones, to keep the pace moving quickly.  I also wanted to incorporate lots of sound.

I took two days to visit the three ice cream shops and they were all so friendly and different!  I tried to show the differences in the story by showing a little that each had to offer.  This was the news part of the story!

I then bridged the news part with the chocolate vanilla debate with a standup.  This was an interesting experience for a standup because I learned really fast that ice cream melts right away!

So, as soon as I got the ice cream cones I had to run and put the mic on then start going right away.  I only had a Imagefew takes to get it right before the cones were melting down my hand and I had to stop!  However, I liked the standup idea to hold ice cream because what else would you do in an ice cream story!!

To conclude, I am so excited with how the story turned out, and I think it is one of my favorites here to date at HOMTV!


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