Boating and Swimming Safety

This was the story that really stressed me out over the weekend. Getting in contact with the Marine Unit was difficult.

After a lot of calls, eventually someone from the Sheriff’s Department told me that someone from the Marine Unit would call me over the weekend when they went out patrolling so I could tag along.

Boaters go to the public boat launch on Lake Lansing North.

So when Saturday came, I didn’t get a call, which concerned me. So Sunday morning I called the Sheriff’s Department again and they didn’t know about my story, but told me that they would get whoever was on duty in the Marine Unit to call me when they went out.

Dep. Robert McElmurray spoke about water safety.

Two hours later, I got the call and rushed over. I met Deputy McElmurray, who was kind enough to not only give me an interview, but also let me ride on the boat with him. I liked that part the best of course. I was nervous about having the camera on the boat, but he assured me that it would be fine.

Here’s the finished product:


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