Friends of the Haslett Library

Well I haven’t had the opportunity to do a blog in a long time. I have been producing more shows lately as opposed to doing news stories so it was a bit of a different week  when I was assigned this story.

I did have the privilege to visit the Haslett library early last week and talk about what programs they have going on. The president of Friends of the Haslett Library, Carol Christenson, was willing to do an interview with me about her group before she had to have surgery. I may not have done any stories in a while but I did remember the importance of scheduling interviews as early as possible because you never know what is going to happen. Aside from visiting their book store at the library, there was not a whole lot of extra things to do with this story which made it a pretty straight forward to complete.

I do need to make a quick point about their bookstore as they had a very  large collection of books, magazines and even various movies for great prices. I was close to buying a few things myself and the next time I need some used books I think I know the first place I’ll go. Check out the library’s website for when they are open and any phone numbers if you need more information.


About Tom Enell

I am a recent graduate of Michigan State University. I received my degree in communication in the summer of 2011. Currently I am excited to be part of the internship program at HOM TV. I am learning the ropes of the production side of TV and it is moving very quickly. When I am not at work, I enjoy running, watching various TV programs, following MSU athletics, drinking arnold palmers, watching obscure films and keeping up with family and friends. In the future, with the experience I am getting at HOM TV, I hope to work with video production whether it is tv, documentary or film.
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