Lodge’s Phase II Development

Covering the Lodge’s Phase II development is getting to be a little taxing to say the least. One day people love the new plans because it will bring more money into the area. The next day people are speaking out against it because it will bring more noise. The log jam conundrum swung like a pendulum, was it Captsone’s fault or not? Was the flooding a blessing in disguise because it forced the community to take a closer look at the source?

Two weeks ago, after a heated and passionate Township Board meeting where one local citizen vowed to fight the developers plans until the day he died, the board voted down two of the permits Capstone would need to continue the project and tabled the third. In my naïve eyes, an end was in sight.

Lo and behold, a week later Trustee Veenstra gave notice to the clerk’s office that he wanted to rescind his vote. The board voted to rescind the previous motion and when they voted again on the permits, two of the three passed.  As of right now, the project cannot move forward without the third permit but it will be voted on again at the next meeting. The controversy continues. My coverage on this topic will continue and my patience level will continue to run out.

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