Michigan Merit Exam Results

19.6. That was the average ACT score in Michigan this year. You can look at it in two ways. On a 36 point scale, 19.6 can look pretty dismal. Considering students need at least an 18 in English, 22 in math, 21 in reading and a 24 in science to be deemed “college ready”, the 19.6 doesn’t look so promising.

Social studies was the most failed portion on the exam. That doesn’t speak well of our future government. Only six schools in the state had more than half their students considered college ready.

Okemos High ranked in the Top Ten.

On the other hand you could look at the 19.6 in a bright light. Last year the average score was 19.4. And for the last four years the average has been rising. Also, just because a standardized test says someone isn’t ready for college doesn’t mean it is correct.

The exam can’t measure determination, motivation or creativity. The test measures how well a student can take an exam. A jewel in the Meridian Township crown is the fact that Okemos High ranked in the Top Ten.   To hear more, watch Meridian Magazine or click here.

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