Tidal Wave of Promos

There are only three days left until the next big Ballot Meridian debate airs LIVE on HOMTV, and I have been working over-time in order to keep YOU informed about the exciting new election programming HOMTV is offering this election season. It hasn’t been a boring gig, that’s for sure. I’ve actually come to like the fast paced style we are going at right now. But do keep a look out on HOMTV for some upcoming promos that are bound to be much more Erin-sais-quoi. Right.

But since we’re already on the expressway to the primaries, don’t forget to grab your remote and be ready at 7:00pm and 8:00pm on this Thursday July 12th as you join HOMTV’s, Joanne Paul as she navigates the tumultuous waters of the 69th State Representative Republicans and Democrats debates.  And for those of you watching too much Hulu, and turning your brain into mush, remember that residents of Meridian Township will have the chance to call in during the live debates and voice their concerns or ask questions directly to the candidates by calling 517-349-1232 with questions or follow the conversation on Twitter @HOMTV #elections2012.


About erincook18

HOMTV creative production intern, film editor-most notably Approaching Midnight and American Terrorist, shoe guru, scifi/fantasy nerd, and movie fanatic.
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