Haslett High Candlelight Vigil

In the Fall Emily Rapson would have been a junior at Haslett High. This story was so sad and I did my best to keep my professionalism, I held back my tears. This was so hard though her best friends and mother spoke about her and I couldn’t help thinking if this was me. The music being played added to the emotion major. Just the songs that played made me want to cry such as If I Die Young by the Band Perry. Her mom mentioned that at first she wanted to move away because she didn’t want to go through seeing prom and graduation, which her daughter wouldn’t get to experience. The family and friends of Emily were very thankful for the community support and the turnout of the vigil. There were hundreds of students and people from the community that participated. I spoke with her friend Mara and she was very happy to talk to me about Emily. I learned from this to respect the family’s privacy. I didn’t want to come across as a nosy reporter. So when I asked people to talk with me I made it clear that I wanted it to be about Emily as a person and what they will remember. With Emily’s organs being donated, she saved six lives.

The town gathered in memory of Emily Rapson Monday night.

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