Old Town Drive In


This week has been a pretty easy week for me yay!Image  This is because I’m trying to get stuff done for a new show, got some footage about talking Urinal Cakes, and now a nice easy piece on a drive in, in Old Town through the month of July.

This was really exiting since I love movies and getting an interview was extremely easy. 

A lot of the movies didn’t sound that appealing to me, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be there for Back to the Future, even though I just watched all three a few weeks ago, but I’ve never watched it on a big screen which I’m really excited about!  I’m just hoping that this heat will back off so that people can actually enjoy it instead of dying of heat exhaustion.


About arsenic

I am a crafty individual that loves cats. I am a graduate from Western Michigan University, with a BA in Journalism. I am powered by a never ending supply of caffeine, determination, and yarn.
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