Practicing In The Heat

I did a story this week on summer sports leagues and athletes playing in the extreme heat we’ve had recently. I shot the On Goal soccer camp and the Meridian Township men’s softball leagues to get a variety of both youth and adult athletes playing.

Kids stay hydrated in the heat.

It was interesting to see how different age groups reacted to the heat. The adults I interviewed were a lot more conscious and concerned about how playing in over 100 degree temperatures could affect them. The kids however, seemed to be more careless about staying hydrated and resting in the heat.

To show youth sports, I filmed at a soccer camp, called On Goal at Nancy Moore Park. There was about 200 kids and about 25 adult coaches, so I was able to capture a variety of age groups to see how playing in the heat was affecting them. The camp was stocked with large water and lemonade coolers, so they had the hydration thing down.

The best part of this story was filming the adult softball league. I got great interviews from good characters. It was an experience to say the least, but fun seeing adults still so enthusiastic about a sport.

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