Meridian Activity Center Expands Uses

The MAC is expanding their uses to the Meridian Area Business Association, so I covered that story this week.

I had many interesting experiences with this story. First of all, the building isn’t open to the public and doesn’t have regular hours. After calling the Parks and Recreation Department, they gave me access to the building to film.

Meridian Activity Center

It was raining cats and dogs when I was filming, so I couldn’t film the outside of the building at all. To get any shots of the front of the building or the sign, I shot from in between the doors to keep my camera dry.

The building had a lot of storage items; stacked tables and chairs, and multiple filing cabinets. So I had to be creative. Very creative. Unfortunately, my b-roll is lacking action, so it’ll be interesting seeing how the story turns out.

Lighting was also a struggle because only half of the lights in the room worked. One side of the room was lit, and the other wasn’t, so it was tricky getting some of my shots.

It’s safe to say I made the best of a tough situation.

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