The Industry Source Store

A new beauty supply store called The Industry Source opened in Okemos. This story ended up being unique because the store only sells to licensed cosmetologists, which I thought was interesting. It was a little bit deeper story than just a new store opening.

The Industry Source store

I went to the store to shoot footage of the outside and inside. It was a stocked and colorful store, so I had plenty of interesting shots to get. However, only one customer came in during my time there, so I didn’t have much action available to shoot.

The one struggle I had was finding interviews. The director of stores was supposed to set me up with the CEO, but the CEO was out of town, as was the director of stores. So it was up to me to find anyone at The Industry Source who would be willing to do an interview.

There were only two managers working when I was there and neither of them wanted to be on camera, but after a little discussion, one of them agreed to do an interview.

Other than interview struggles, the story went smoothly. I tried to focus on shooting sequences, and hopefully did well on that.

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