Complete Streets Ordinance

The ordinance is for a safe and smooth traffic flow.

I had trouble getting in contact with Gail Oranchak, Principal Planner of Meridian Township, for an interview. When I finally got the chance to speak with her, it went well. She is a very busy woman so I appreciated her finding the time for me.

This ordinance was a hot topic discussed at the Township Board Meeting on Tuesday July 17.

There was much support for this ordinance from the board, but also plenty of issues to be discussed. Something that I thought was interesting was the statement made that Meridian Township is a step ahead of other townships due to having a millage.

A survey that was completed by 83 people helped show some concerns such as how not all feel safe on roads in Meridian. Other topics brought up were sidewalks being blocked in the winter and how the lighting is poor. Traffic was also a main concern for the community.

In the State of Michigan, the League of Michigan Bicyclists launched a petition urging the Michigan State Transportation Commission to adopt a stronger policy on Complete Streets. That petition closed on Friday July 13. It was interesting to hear Gail’s take on the petition.

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