LEAP, Inc. & LEDC Contract

This story was fun because I got to go to Lansing. It’s always nice when HOM TV assigns you a story that’s right at our state’s capital. I love being in downtown. It always makes me hungry because there’s so many awesome places you can eat.

Speaking of places to eat, restaurants in Lansing can benefit from the LEAP, Inc and LEDA contract. This contract is to further develop the economy in the Lansing area.

I spoke to a gentleman who was hanging out at a bench in Lansing who’s currently in college. He said that he’s not sure whether he’ll be able to stay in Michigan because of the economy, but hearing that Lansing is focusing on economic development made him think again about whether he’d stay or not.

Lansing already has one of the better economy’s in Michigan, but with this economic development, there could be more manufacturing and commercial business.This could further expand to other city’s economies.

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