Upcoming Haslett Yard Sale

Lots of planning has gone into the Haslett yard sale, which is free to the public.

This was by far my favorite thing to cover and the event hasn’t even happened yet. Bill Drake, the yard sale coordinator, is my favorite person ever. He was such a friendly, kind and funny person.

He invited me to his home and answered all my questions about the upcoming yard sale in the parking lot of Haslett High. Much planning has gone into this event.

Drake is very involved with the community and it is all on a volunteer basis. He has been Santa Claus for many years and told me that each year he starts growing out his beard on April 1. Up until Christmas he shampoos it every day then once his duty as Santa is complete, he shaves it off. He is very dedicated to Meridian Township.

This will be the Friends of the Haslett Library’s third year putting on the yard sale. He said the thing that he is most excited about is for the actual sale day to come. So then he will get to see the results after all the months of planning that has went into it.

Something that I think is great is that there will not only be a yard sale, but much more! The Capital Area Humane Society will be there offering pet adoptions, there will be a bounce house, bake sales and also a DJ. So really there is something for everyone.

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2 Responses to Upcoming Haslett Yard Sale

  1. Deborah Guthrie says:

    When is the yard sale?

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