Meg Cabot In Lansing

I feel that there are very few moments in life where we can really meet people that we admire.  I was lucky enough to meet another one on my last last wee.  Meg Cabot New York Times best selling author, known for her books the Princess Diaries, came in Lansing last week and I was able to talk to her one on one.

A friend of mine was running the event and told me that I should get there at 6:30 because it started at seven.  I got there a little bit before but I was shocked to see that the event had already started!  It began at 6 not 7.  My friend felt really bad for telling me the wrong time thought, but no matter.  I just set up my equipment and began to film.  I got great footage and heard great stories.

I feel that she is the real life Liz Lemon, for those of you who watch 30 Rock.  She’s just funny and a wonderful person all around.  I was lucky enough even to get a few moments with her too to interview her, and was very flattered when she told me that she loved my hair.  She was such an easy person to talk to, and made it quite a memorable event.


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I am a crafty individual that loves cats. I am a graduate from Western Michigan University, with a BA in Journalism. I am powered by a never ending supply of caffeine, determination, and yarn.
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