Costs of Keeping Cool

With temperatures in Michigan still rising, cooling costs are rising as well. I found out how people are coping with the extreme heat without letting their air conditioning bills rise as high as their thermostats.

Temperatures outside and inside steadily rise.

For this story I had my first experience getting “man on the street” interviews on Grand River Avenue. Standing at the corner of Grand River and M.A.C. I was hoping one of the many downtown strollers would be willing to talk to me. I stood out there with Savana Ciavatta for about an hour as we flagged people down for interviews.

Although we were unsuccessful at first, our day picked up and we got our interviews. I talked with two different men about their cooling costs and how it has been affecting them. I would have liked to get a female perspective as well for some diversity, but unfortunately none were willing to be on camera.

I learned as a journalist if you’re afraid to approach people or even talk to people of many backgrounds for that matter, you’ll be wildly unsuccessful. I feel good about getting my first “man on the street” interview session under my belt.

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