Governor Service Awards

I covered the Governor Service Awards this week. The Michigan Community Service Commission along with the Governor selects 40 finalists to be recognized for outstanding community service initiatives. An Okemos resident was a finalist, so I focused on localizing the story since it was a state-wide recognition.

Garden volunteers.

This story came with many obstacles. The awards ceremony was in Detroit which I could not attend, so I was lacking b-roll. Also the finalist from Okemos is out of town working, so interviews were lacking as well.
Luckily I interviewed Paula Kaiser VanDam, executive director of the Michigan Community Service Commission, or MCSC. She gave me great background information on the volunteer nomination and selection process.

But I was still lacking b-roll. I filmed the capitol building and surrounding area since it was after all the Governor’s award. B-roll of volunteering was still absent, but luckily I found some film to make it work.

In the end we shortened the story to just be about the awards since I couldn’t get in contact with one of the finalists. I plan to extend the story to focus more on the finalist when I get in touch with her.

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