Petition to Overturn Emergency Manager Law

The Michigan Hall of Justice.

This was my first court case while working at HOMTV. I was very excited and anxious from the beginning. The plan was to pool with WJRT-ABC12, they were going to feed me RCA audio. This was going to work out great because last summer I interned there and they know me very well from working big remotes with them including Back to the Bricks, The Crim Festival of Races and Holiday Pops Live Concert. For all the help that I contributed, they set up for me to sit in the satellite truck and listen with them while the court case went on.

However, all those plans changed completely. I arrived at 9 a.m. and was told that WJRT will not be making it due to a flat tire. So I got to go inside the courtroom and sit, but was not allowed to use my camera. WLNS and WILX were there and they tried to assist me, but were both unable to get me a feed. So I sat in court listening to the case. It lasted an hour and a half. After we were told that interviews were not allowed inside the building in the lobby, so once we got outside we got to speak with the lawyers.

It was a great feeling to be right next to other reporters from WLNS 6, WILX 10 and WXYZ 7. However with things happening so quickly, I was unable to get my tripod set up. So I did an over the shoulder while holding the HOMTV stick mic up to the interviewee. It was a wonderful experience.

Then thankfully WLNS agreed to copy the court case for me, so the next day I dropped off a hard drive. Josh from WLNS then called me three hours later when it was finished, so I went back to WLNS to pick it up.

This was so nice of WLNS to do and it shows that even being at a different station, you all can work together. Actually I let WILX even borrow a cable in the courtroom because they forgot a BNC cable and I had one, so it’s nice how we all helped each other out 🙂

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