Properly Placed Political Signs

ImageThis was a different project then I am used to because it is an election story and all candidates must have equal coverage.  So, I had to be very specific with every shot I used and every sign I showed had to be for the same time.

To do this, I filmed a sign for all candidates running for 54B District Court Judge and 30th Circuit Court Judge.  There was not a specific reason why I picked those two races to film. 

To film the signs I drove all over town!  I even called a few of the candidates personally and asked them where I can find their signs.  They were so nice and told me where their signs were located that were closest to where I was at! 

I also tried something new with my stand up for this piece.  There wasn’t a reason why I chose Clement or Larkin for the stand up, but I did purposely want to do two signs so it would not be bias with just one!

This story also was based on two press releases for political signs.  One from Meridian Township and one from MDOT.  So, I had to decided to use one or the other or both.  I ended up going with both and tried my best not to make it confusing. 

In the end, I loved the challenge with this assignment and am happy I tried something new.  I am looking forward to trying more creative stand ups in the future!


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