Lansing Lugnuts VS. Bowling Green Hot Rods

I covered my first live sports shoot during the Lansing Lugnuts VS. Bowling Green Hot Rods game. I was nervous and it was definitely a learning experience, but it feels good to have a story like this under my belt.

Out Fielder Chris Hawkins

I received a press pass and set up behind home plate to film the game. It was hard not to miss a play, but I got better as the game went on. I got practice following the action in sports and keeping focus as I was doing so. The first time shooting a live sports game is difficult, and I had struggles along the way.

I learned that I need to get more specific shots of players scoring and hitting the ball, making sure to keep track of what inning the game is in at the time. Making improvements like this next time will surely help the story go more smoothly.

I was most nervous about getting an interview after the game, but it turned out to be really easy. I simply walked onto the field and it was over in a minute or two.

I have a lot to improve for next game, but I can’t complain. There are a lot worse things to be doing on a beautiful Thursday night than filming a baseball game!

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