Crashing Cars and Giving Blood

My most recent HOMTV promo is about how much blood donations are needed, and how the need very much outweighs the donation amount. To demonstrate my point I crashed two cars together and fiddled with Apple Motion to create a cool graphic. But do not fear concerned citizens! The cars I crashed were made by Matchbox and held no passengers inside as the cars strolled along my construction paper forest. For this promo I tried my hand at stop-motion animation, which I must admit was much harder than I had expected. I also learned MUCH more in Apple Motion than I knew before including how to make explosions, fires, smoke, and flashing lights, thanks to the expertise of my fellow intern, Bryan Reynolds. So be sure to check out my PSA about the need for blood donations including the next township blood drive coming up on Saturday August 25th at the Meridian Township Municipal Building.


About erincook18

HOMTV creative production intern, film editor-most notably Approaching Midnight and American Terrorist, shoe guru, scifi/fantasy nerd, and movie fanatic.
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