Walking Audit

This week’s story had to do with a walk about town in Down Town Okemos.  On August 14, MDOT will be joining members of the community for a walk to really check out the conditions of down town and hope to be able to remodel a bit.  At least that’s what I understood when I met with Peter Menser, a fellow Western Alumni I might add.

It’s a known joke amongst Western students when they meet to ask how many DUI one has.  It was good to know that fellow Menser had none like myself.  So we were able to hit it off right away.  At first I really had no clue what this was about, but after talking to Peter about it I got a better understanding and could tell he was really passionate about this project.  He was so excited about how much this could help people with strollers and people in wheel chairs just trying to cross the street.


About arsenic

I am a crafty individual that loves cats. I am a graduate from Western Michigan University, with a BA in Journalism. I am powered by a never ending supply of caffeine, determination, and yarn.
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