Nexus Academy

My story this week involved the new Nexus Academy opening up in Okemos this fall. It is a charter high school that combines face to face instruction with online lessons. I’ve never personally seen or heard of anything like it! Watch my video below to learn more about the Nexus Academy.

            One of the biggest questions I had when completing this story was “why built a charter high school in a Township that has two excellent public high schools already?” From what I’ve learned, Haslett and Okemos high school are highly accredited schools. Well according to Connections Education, the Nexus academy is geared toward a student that is highly motivated looking for more class options and a extremely flexible schedule.
                This story didn’t start off so great, but ended up all working out. I had trouble getting an interview with someone from the Nexus academy and for awhile I thought we were going to have to connect via skype. But thankfully things ended up working out, and we met at the Connections Education building in Okemos. After setting up this interview with a blender light and framing up the interviewee just right, I realized that I didn’t have a place to sit to get eye level with the interviewee. So I wall squat for 10 minutes during the interview just to make sure we could see eye to eye!

Nexus Academy virtual tour

            I also went on Grand River again to get some man on the street interviews. I asked adults and students what they thought about the new kind of school and if they would attend there if they had the chance. In addition, took some video from youtube to show the virtual tour of the Nexus Academy to give the viewers a better idea on what to expect this coming fall. Unfortunatley I couldn’t get onto the actual site where the school would be located, so I did my best to improvise.
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