The Recycling Artist

I had the chance to meet one really creative lady in Lansing last week. Jane Reiter has all kinds of crafts that she likes to do in her spare time and most of them use old materials that wouldn’t usually be used again.

I arrived at her home a little stressed knowing that I have never put together a story without a voice track in it. I had to find a way for her to tell me her story while still getting enough video of all her crafts. Jane was so sweet when I arrived. She invited me in, and instantly I knew it would be easy for her to talk to me about her story. When I got the microphone on, all I needed to do was ask her one question and she carried on with the rest.

My favorite part about this story was Jane’s collection of buttons. When I was little, my grandma was an avid seamstress and crafter. Pretty much everything I know now, I learned from her. My grandma had a HUGE collection of buttons, all of which were organized by color. I used to play with them and make pictures on the carpet with them every time I visited her house. As I got older and did some of my own crafting, I always knew where to go to find the right button that I needed. Sadly, my grandma passed away earlier this year but I will forever hold on to those memories. Jane just reminded me a lot of my grandma and all those times that I used to visit her home. I think now that I have one of my grandma’s old sewing machines and a ton of buttons, I will start to craft more now that I have even more inspiration after doing this story.

I am excited to do more of these stories and meet even more interesting and inspiring people.

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