Turning Back the Page Summer Day Camp

I woke up this morning to cover Day Camp VOSOTVO and honestly thought it wasn’t going to happen. The combination of rain, wind, and 60F made it seem difficult for kids to come out but I was totally wrong.

The event was 5 day long and it was the last day of the event. Kids were raising barn just like ancestors did in the 19th century. More than 20 kids attended the event and every one was working, moving, and helping. They all knew that it was a team work.

I spoke to the organizer for the camp Renee Tierney and she said the camp has been getting bigger every year. Raising barn is popular to kids because it is something that anyone can do. I was impressed with little kids trying to hammer and lift woods. Renee told me that the 5 day camp focuses on kids appreciating things they have.

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