Burgdorf’s Winery

Best assignment ever? Yup. Funniest winery-owning couple ever? Absolutely. I spent my afternoon in Haslett, Michigan at the local winery learning about being a vintner, pairing wine to food and the proper way to wine taste.

The Burgdorf’s were kind enough to give Chloe (photog extraordinaire) and I, a tour of every inch of the property. We saw the store front full of cute artsy pieces and wine paraphernalia. The tasting room was cozy on the rainy day and bustling with ladies sipping on the sweet wines. The vineyard was small but beautiful, a little bit of Tuscany hidden in Lansing. I thought the best part was where they make the wine, in a large converted barn there are enormous metal tanks, a bladder press, the laboratory and the bottler.

The Burgdorf’s are a husband and wife combo who make and sell their wine. The wine is good but the company is better. They are sweet and sarcastic and knowledgeable and just the type of people you want to get to know. They are the couple you hope will RSVP to your dinner parties. I can understand why people are returning customers.

Mr. Burgdorf taught me his personal style of wine tasting. I was under the assumption you swish, sniff, sip and spit. Yes, he does advise all those steps, but on a grander scale. Really swish your wine, (always holding it from the stem because if you hold it from the body part you are obviously a beer drinker, as I learned) and put your hips into it. You should look like Jane Fonda when you swivel your hips to release the aroma of the wine. It is the signature Burgdorf move, if you see people at wine tastings looking like they have imaginary hoola hoops, they are graduates of the Burgdorf school of wine tasting.

It was a fantastic afternoon, I wholeheartedly plan on returning. I have my eyes on some of their gadgets and a bottle or two. If you have a few free hours, go visit the Burgdorfs, it will be an experience you’ll never forget, that I promise. Now please excuse me, I have a glass to swirl and need to change into my work out clothes.

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