Lodges Phase II Update

Several weeks ago, I got assigned to do an update story about Lodges Phase II. I wasn’t fully aware of my story but after hearing resident’s sides at Township Board meetings, I knew what was going on. The board members approved the special unit to expand their buildings for students and residents were concerned that it would bring several issues.

One of the issues was flooding. The log jams have been a major cause for flooding in some neighborhoods and they have wanted the project for years. But because residents are uncomfortable with the Lodges expansion, the Lodges developer included plans to engage with the community to help pay for the removal of the log jams.

Linda Stober owns a house close to the river and she is happy that log jams are being removed. However, she is not completely satisfied with the free flowing water. “It’s really sad, we have been asking for help because my house has dead trees from flooding and now, the value of my house has gone down,” Stober said.

I was at one of the log jam removal sites and was glad to see giant trees being removed from water. According to the Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann, they will monitor the results of the projects to make sure there are no continued issues on flooding.

Flooding was just one of many concerns that residents raised. They didn’t want Lodges Phase II to build close to their neighborhood because 1. students will be loud at night, 2. students will walk through paths to get to the neighborhood and residents are unhappy about students strolling around randomly, and 3. residents want their neighborhoods to be peaceful and quite. These are some of the issues that I found out after talking to some of the neighborhoods.

Watch my story and be the judge about Lodges Phase II expansion.

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