Celebration Cinema Progress

Celebration Cinema will open by Thanksgiving.

This was my last story as a Rookie intern. I was amazed of the progress being done at the cinema. I have not seen anything like the inside of a movie theater being built before.

I went inside while construction workers were working and even got offered a hard hat to wear for safety. 🙂

It was interesting to talk with them and to learn about the work that goes behind a project like this. I focused on getting tight shots for this story because there were not a lot of exciting things going on. I didn’t have that much to shoot besides the construction, so I got footage of that and the workers.

I did my best and if I am ever back in the Meridian area, I think it would be neat to go and see the cinema after it is finally finished!

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One Response to Celebration Cinema Progress

  1. Tuxster says:

    Great job Katelyn. I was wondering what was going on with the old AMC theater, so your story was much appreciated and gave some new details I had not heard anywhere else. Thank you for the reporting!

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