Haslett Football Preview

I went to the Haslett High School football practice on Tuesday to see how they were preparing for the upcoming season. I did a preview story on the team and spoke with Head Coach Charles Otlewski and three team captains about how they think their season will go.

The Haslett football team practices for their opening game against Okemos High School.

Earlier this week I did a preview story on the MSU football team, which made me realize how different it is covering college and high school sports. At MSU’s practice, I knew the names of players, their numbers and their position. But when I got to Haslett I knew nothing. Covering Haslett took more research on players and past seasons to familiarize myself with their strategies and star performers.

Nonetheless, I filmed practice, working on getting tight shots and action shots. It was a little difficult getting strong action shots because the practice had a lot of stop and go aspects to it so my clips were really short.

It was fun covering the Haslett football team and the players and coaches were excited to be recognized by HOM TV.

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