Citizens Bank Robbery

This was a breaking news and I am glad I got to cover it. All Brian told me was the Citizens Bank on Haslett road was robbed and the suspect left an unknown package in the bank.  The police blocked every street for safety but I pulled into the gas station near by and got my equipment out.

I started filming footage of the building and cop cars but I wanted to talk to neighbors who lived right next to the bank. Within a minute of crossing the street, cops yelled at me… “MISS, YOU CANNOT GO THAT WAY.” Honestly, I was little embarrassed because I could feel people were starring at me but I figured I played dumb and apologized. Talking to neighbors went really well until they refused to be on a camera……….

No one was injured in the robbery and the package was neither explosive nor hazardous. Watch Meridian Magazine and Beyond the Badge to find out more about this incident!

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