Okemos VS. Haslett Football

On August 30 I went to the Okemos High School football field to cover their game against Haslett High School. Since I had class before, I arrived a little before half time, but luckily for me a lot of the action took place in the second half.

Okemos faces off against Haslett at Okemos High School.

I love the atmosphere of high school football games, and I haven’t experienced it since I was going to games as a high school student. The Friday night lights, the students dressed like super fans, the band, all of it makes for a fun setting to film in.

When shooting high school sports I’m learning to pay close attention to the players’ numbers and names, since as high school students they aren’t well known yet like MSU players, for instance. It’s difficult sometimes keeping track of what is happening, but I remembered the tip to always shoot the scoreboard occasionally, and that helped a lot with organization.

I had a lot of fun shooting this story and enjoyed the atmosphere of a Friday night football game. The game highlights can be found on the upcoming All Access Sports show and Meridian Magazine.

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