Douglas J/Tuba Museum Petitions

Its back to work here at HOMTV! After a nice two weeks off, I am up and running again bringing Meridian Township the latest news. This week was a nice story gradually getting me back into the swing of things. I was assigned to cover the Douglas J/Tuba Museum petitions. I ecstatic to see that my first story of the second semester would have me working in downtown Okemos again….right where I began my first story of last semester!

This story was based on what was being discussed at the township board meeting. So earlier that day, I went and shot b-roll of the Tuba Museum and Douglas J. Then during the meeting I was going back and fourth from the lobby and the township boardroom to try and catch people to interview. I saw that WILX also was covering the same story that I was, so I was sort of competing with their reporter to grab the same interviews, but thankfully everything ran smoothly.

This was the first story I believe that both Scott Weaver (Dougals J) and Will White (Tuba Museum) were both placed in the same story. I wanted to make sure I was unbiased and showed both side of the coin, so that the viewer can make a decision on who they sided with.

Douglas J Salon

Lastly, my standup had me holding both petitions in downtown Okemos. Unfortunately, it was very windy that day! I actually lost one of the petitions in the midst of trying to film myself, but luckily I was able to retrieve it before it went into the street.

Tuba Museum Fountain

I’m happy and thankful to be given another semester of opportunity here at HOMTV, and am hoping to increase the level of complexity in my shots, and better story telling!

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