9/11 Memorial

This week I had the honor of covering a 9/11 memorial story in remembrance of the tragic day in America. When I was first given the story, I thought it would be quite easy to find some things going on in the Lansing area pertaining to 9/11, but I was sadly mistaken. I actually had to do a bit of research and make a couple of calls to find out that the Lansing fire department was holding a memorial in downtown Lansing, right across from the Radisson hotel.

My day began at 6:45 AM that morning, because the memorial began at 8AM sharp. When I arrived I already started scouting for someone whom I could talk to about the event. The memorial displayed a large American flag hanging and quite a few bystanders stopped what they were doing to admire the scene. I began to shoot b-roll and got some footage of people giving speeches including the Mayor of Lansing.

9/11memorial site in downtown Lansing

This story was a bit tricky for me because I had to shoot the entire thing on just 26 minutes of P2 space. I have never been put into a sitution where I only have one chance to get the entire story shot. It was definately a challenge. You have to remember how much broll and interviews you have and really think every time you press the record button. I ended up running out of room so I couldn’t do a standup for this package. It was definitely a learning experience for me.

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