MSU Women’s Soccer

The MSU women’s soccer team faced off against Nebraska on Friday, September 28. The Spartans were lucky enough to win, but the luck wasn’t on my side as a reporter this time.

MSU vs. Nebraska

I started filming the game, but I was quickly running out of space on the camera memory cards. During half time I deleted as much unnecessary footage as I could but space was still limited.

Amidst the fun of deleting footage instead of filming the game, other parts of my camera began acting up causing yet another distraction. Between trying to delete old footage and fix the camera viewfinder, I was missing plays during the game. Luckily I didn’t miss MSU’s first goal, but the second half was a different story.

I wasn’t able to film most of the second half of the game and wasn’t able to get an interview…so it’s safe to say this isn’t my BEST story. I missed MSU’s second goal and the only goal Nebraska scored. Nonetheless, I made it work with the footage I had.

Better luck next time, I hope!

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