Erosion Issue in Ember Oaks

So apparently there is an erosion issue that has been occurring in the Ember Oaks subdivision between the CSX Railroad tracks and Jolly Road. At first it was a bit confusing to find one of the areas where this was taking place.

The issue is that during storms, the water began to flow north and began causing erosion

Wetland in Ember Oaks

issues in the subdivision. The water was collecting in certain areas that were known as wetlands. So when I was informed of this, I was thinking that I was going to be shooting footage of an area that just had a great deal of standing water. But to my surprise that wasn’t exactly the case. This was due to the summer having much less rainfall than usual.

But I was able to find one of the wetland areas and after looking at it for a while, you can sort of see that it is an area where rain water does collect. At least the day was warm and sunny so I could get some good footage and pictures :).

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