“Meridian Township Road Projects”

So when I was driving around I had no idea that I had the privilege of cruising on the new roundabout at the Burcham and Park Lake Road intersection. The new road addition has been open for about two weeks, but I found out that the opening date had been extended due to some issues with the soil. But now it’s all completed and rides rather smoothly.

He explained that this project was a part of a research study being done with Michigan

Park Lake Rd and Burcham Roundabout

State University, and this project was using a different form of construction materials. Instead of just using asphalt, rubber tires and other rubber materials are used in the mixing of the asphalt. This will end up making the road ride much smoothly. I’m not much of a construction worker, nor do I know much about it, but I thought using rubber was pretty cool.

Can’t wait to see how it rides when it opens!!!

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