Election Season Fever!

It’s been a wild and exciting ride here at HOMTV during election season. We’ve all caught the fever that the elections have brought and we’re bringing you, the Meridian Township viewing audience, spectacular Election 2012 coverage and I, ladies and gents will be producing 98.4% of the promos you will see on channel 21 concerning Ballot Meridian and the election journey. I will also be bringing you the candidate statements programs and much more. Needless to say we, including myself, have been beyond busy here at HOMTV trying our hardest to bring you the best and most polished election coverage and programing that we can.
One last shout out: Be sure to watch our LIVE, call-in debates on Comcast channel 21 or online at homtv.net. You can call-in to ask the candidates your questions about their campaigns and hear why they think they deserve your vote during the upcoming general election. But how you vote is ultimately up to you.

As always, we hope you watch Ballot Meridian 2012, on HOMTV!


About erincook18

HOMTV creative production intern, film editor-most notably Approaching Midnight and American Terrorist, shoe guru, scifi/fantasy nerd, and movie fanatic.
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