Deer Harvesting Is Back In Action

This week I spoke with Jane Greenway, from the Parks and Recreation Department in Meridian Township to get the update on the deer harvesting program. Earlier this summer I did a story about the deer management program continuing another year, but since, changes have been made to the program.

One hunter takes advantage of the deer harvesting program.

Overall I find the deer management program interesting. It really shows you many deer must be in the township causing problems for their population to need control. At first glance, people might think the program is dangerous, but there are many safety precautions in place for safe hunting.

The most difficult part of a story like this is filming deer. As we know, deer stay hidden usually during the day and the chances of one of them crossing the path of a camera are slim to none. Luckily for me, a fellow intern encountered deer during a shoot, so I was able to borrow beautiful deer and hunting footage from her.

Shout out to Ashleigh Rogers for the awesome shots!

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One Response to Deer Harvesting Is Back In Action

  1. msashleighj says:

    Awwww Maddie I love you!!! Thanks girlie!!! You made my day!!!! Love you much!!! 🙂

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