The Great Divide

Today, Home Depot held its annual car chopping competition in honor of the Michigan State vs. Michigan game. This event was definitely exciting to say the least. One thing I can say about Meridian Township is that they have so much heart and spirit. All their activities include so much community involvement and unity.

The Meridian Township Fire Department crushed the competition with a time of 2 minutes and 10 seconds, Michigan came in with a time of over 4 minutes. This is the fourth win for Meridian’s Township. Aside from the car cutting competition Home Depot also showcased different hardware and appliance vendors. I also got to learn in depth about our water and what disgusting toxins polluted it each day. Did you know hat agricultural run off is in our water supply? That’s chicken, cow, and other animals feces and germs…I learned all of this knowledge from Rain Water a purifying company. To say the least this was a great event and definitely a great experience as a reporter. I am beginning to love the people in this township

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