Collecting video for Kinawa Construction

I typically dislike construction. I spend a lot of time on the freeway going to and from my other jobs, and it always seems that I run into a construction zone that lasts just long enough to cause me anxiety. While I do understand the need for construction (I frown at potholes just as much as I do orange barrels), I still possess an irritable demeanor when it comes to traffic caused by it. Regardless of my sentiments, construction is necessary.

Also, I’ve recently discovered that the workers are really nice people just offering their services to communities. I never pictured them as demonic meanies or anything, it’s just that now that I’ve been able to put a face to the title, my perceptions have been solidly changed for the better.

I like sidewalk. What’s more, I like sidewalk that ends in inconvenient places. Odd, right? I guess I have always had an affection for creations via construction; I like roads that lead me home, buildings that require me to tilt my head toward the sun, etc. If I took the time to appreciate all of the constructions I pass by on a daily basis, I might actually start smiling on the freeway when it’s lined with orange barrels (instead of perspiring and wrinkling my face).

Aside from my feelings about construction, getting the footage of Kinawa Drive was pleasant. It was a seventy degree day in mid-October. I did have trouble trying to get an interview with one of the workers, but I was referred to Nyal Nunn, the project engineer. I sat down with Mr. Nunn for a few minutes while he told me about the Kinawa drive work. He mentioned that they had moved the construction equipment out of the way for the Okemos homecoming festivities, that the concrete is covered in colder temperatures so that it sets up stronger, and that they intend to finish the concrete come November.

Well, that is all I have to say about construction for now. Be careful around those curves!

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