The Benefits of Composting

This past week I have learned more about composting than I could have imagined. I’m finishing up a thirty second promotion for composting at home. Did you know that sawdust can be composted? And newspaper? Maybe I’m the only one that found that surprising, but it’s really interesting. Composting is so easy too! It’s as simple as buying or building a small bin to keep in your home or on a porch. Nearly all food waste can be put in the bin and after a few months of just basically sitting there it will turn into healthy soil. If you want to get really crazy about composting then you can even get composting worms which will speed up the process of turn the waste into soil. I filmed some shots at my friend’s house and he has multiple compost bins with worms, it was interesting to see the progression. Making this promo has encouraged me to start my own compost bin. My family has been doing it for years, so it’s about time I practice what I preach! Plus, it’s so simple and good for the planet that I would be a fool not to! Image

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