Build A Bridge…or Not?

Usually politics aren’t my cup of tea. In fact, unless it’s political scandal, I can typically be found saying the phrase, “build a bridge and get over it”. And as luck would have it, I had to cover a story regarding Proposal 6 – the International Bridges and Tunnels proposal.

An election wouldn’t be complete without having a slew of proposals being present on the ballot. So of course I would have to do a story about one of them. But I will admit, this proposal was kinda interesting. So right now, there’s the Ambassador Bridge and the Tunnel to Canada which connect Michigan to Canada. But what would Proposal 6 do? Well, after doing my research, it appears that Proposal 6 is a vote for a vote. Let me explain.

Proposal 6 would require both a statewide and local vote prior to any new bridge or tunnel can be constructed between the state of Michigan and Canada. Voting “YES” means that the amendment to require such a vote will take place; voting “NO” means that any bridge or tunnel can be built with no voter input.

Seems pretty interesting…

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