Okemos Library Renovations

Well there was talk about Okemos Library being a part of the budget for 2013. At least that was what Jerry Richards proposed at the township board meeting. But when they revisited the matter, it didn’t seem that people had as much reception to the idea.

One of the big issues pointed out was the change from the original estimated budget. Richards had said originally the renovations would cost about $100,000. However, when they looked deeper into the matter, it was found that the bathrooms needed renovating as well. Tack on 70 thousand more.

There are arguments that can be made as to why or why these renovations should be made, and both are credible and legitimate sides to take. But it will be interesting to see how the township decides to spend this money, and if they will push forward with the new budget that is significantly more than the original, try to stick with the original, or even reach a compromise.

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