New restroom facility dedication requires many pairs of scissors

Last Wednesday, I attended the North Meridian Road Park restroom facility dedication and ribbon cutting. Whew! That was a long event title, but it was, however, not a long event. Before the restroom facilities were dedicated, many speeches were made. The

Todd Wilson speaks about the new restroom facility.

talking points included the history of the park lands, the benefit of the restrooms, and the future plans for the park as well as other parks in the township.

During my interview with LuAnn Maisner, she mentioned that people might not think a restroom dedication is that exciting. The thought that crossed my brain agreed with her, but as she continued to explain what this development actually means for the community and the literal progress the township is seeing, I couldn’t help but be excited.

This area is already so beautiful, and many thanks to those who value the green-spaces and protect these lands. The restroom facility is just another piece of that puzzle. It makes the park more practical for people to visit. It allows a lot of the soccer teams and sledders that go to North Meridian Road Park to stay longer, and stay warmer.

Say goodbye to those old port-a-pottys, and hello to a new restroom facility. This story’s in the can! Goodnight.

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