CAAC Volleyball Playoffs

Okemos had it two games to one. They were in the lead 22-17, just three points away from moving on to the semi-finals. And then a clear-cut momentum shift. Portland turned it on and rallied off an 8 -1 run to beat Okemos and keep their hopes alive. Perhaps the Chieftains should have taken a quick look at their game plan to see what alterations could be made to ensure Portland hadn’t figured them out…

Well, whether they did or didn’t change it up, Okemos had a rough start in the decisive game five. Portland all but had the series locked up in their favor once they captured a 14-4 lead. And for folks who do not follow high school volleyball closely, game five is played up to 15 instead of 25.

Well, Okemos showed a little more life when they rallied back with six more points, but a deficit like that is hard to overcome. Portland ends up upsetting Okemos in the final game.

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