Living Without A Car

I spent a day with Yvonne LaFave, a Lansing resident who chooses to live without a car. Instead, she travels by bicycle. This is one of my favorite stories I’ve done since being at HOMTV. I enjoy doing longer feature stories because I really get a chance to get to know my subject and see what a day in their life is truly like.

Yvonne LaFave travels by bike, and by Husky.

I interviewed Ms. LaFave at her house, where I immediately noticed there was no car in her driveway, so I knew I had to be at the right place. We spoke for a while in her living room, but the I was able to see and learn about her special utility bike.

After she explained how unique her bike was and how it worked, I was able to see how her dog pulls her on her bike. This was definitely my favorite part of the interview.

How many times do you get to see a Husky-powered bicycle? Not often.

So overall, I was an interesting story with a wonderfully interesting lady.

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