Getting to Know Me – I Simply Love Sports

Well, what better way to start a blog about someone who has a deeply rooted passion for sports than the basis of it all – family and tradition.

My name is Max Ieuter, and I grew up in town just north of the city of Chicago called Wilmette. Since I can remember, I have been an avid football fan, specifically the Chicago Bears. My grandfather has season tickets and I have had the good fortune to develop my love for the team and the sport by attending just about every home game I had the opportunity for. I can remember the brisk Sunday mornings where my dad and I would load up in the back of my grandfather’s Mercedes right from church and then swing by my two uncles’ houses and pick them up. The rotation changed each week as to who would make the sandwiches to eat on the way down to the game. And then there was the mile-long walk from the parking lot to Soldier Field. This is a tradition that my grandfather has done for just about every single home football game, no matter how cold it has been. Sports isn’t just about competition and pride, it’s about family and tradition. It’s one way that many people connect across the nation, and the reason for many shared emotions of joy, sadness, confusion… society comes alive through sports.

This is why I believe it is so important to report on it, and I don’t mean just by reading off a few score sheets; a real sports reporter will make their audience feel what it means to watch their team succeed or fail. Amidst the complications of rule changes, financial quandaries, and of course the system of each sport in itself, people react very simply to sports – it’s truth. You won’t find a fan pretending to be happy about his team finishing off a season at 0 and 16. And you certainly won’t find a fan bored while his Alma Mater cuts the net off of the rim following the NCAA hoops finals.

It is my mission to make my audience live through the stories that I present, because when I am capturing the moments that I will be bringing to share with my audience later, there is no other place I’d rather be than right there with the energy of thousands of fans and the intensity of some of the most determined human beings on the planet. It’s moments where athletes and fans come together because they have one thing at stake – pride – that I relish because of the way it brings people together, and gives them an honest reason to feel deep emotions of excitement and intensity… or stunning disbelief.

My dream is my goal – to live in these moments and share them with anyone I can for my career. I don’t want to just broadcast a sports recap, I want to connect with my audience in personable ways and bring them the passionate feelings I get from each individual game, no matter the sport. And I want people to know they can count on me to deliver enticing stories with the information that matters to them.

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