Marble Elementary Celebrates Raising $14,000

ImageI had the best time covering the celebration assembly at Marble Elementary School!  There was so much energy there and you couldn’t help but have a smile on your face because the kids were so excited! 

The assembly was to celebrate the success in their fall fundraiser, where they raised $14,000 dollars.  They had originally hoped to raise $10,000 but exceeded it by 40%!

The assembly was held by The ‘Get Movin Crew’ that hosted the fundraiser which was a fun run.  Sparty and ‘The Get Movin Crew’ cheetah mascot, Movin Max, were there to add to the fun.  The main event was the students who raised the most amount of money got to turn Principal Riddle into a human sundae!!!

The day was so exciting, and I am so glad I was able to cover it.  I emailed the PTO President some awesome still images from the event and they were posted on the Marble Elementary Facebook Page where they have already received a lot of attention.

I love representing HOMTV at events like these and being out in the community.

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