MSU Basketball – The Women

Well, just like the men, Suzie Merchant’s crew has a few things to figure out: injuries.

With all this shifting around though, the exhibition game against GVSU seemed to work out alright. 83 points isn’t anything to complain about. Then again, it’s against GVSU. But the fact of the matter is the team was moving the ball well for the most part, and the players seemed to have a good grasp on their assignments. Now I don’t think this team is capable of becoming the best in the Big Ten by simply walking on the court knowing that they can pass the ball well and they know who they are supposed to guard. In order for MSU to become elite this year, the team will need to see hybrid players develop. Some forwards are going to need to adapt a Lebron James style of play as a larger sized guard.

But when it comes down to it, the team needs to keep the optimism up. Without their leaders on the court, they need to be just a little louder each game.

This could be an exciting year for the Lady Spartans, with so many opportunities for new players to step up. The team could see the emergence of an even deeper bench for next year than they originally thought.

As long as none of these players take the playing time for granted, the season will be constructive. But don’t hold your breath for a Final Four this year, and keep your fingers crossed for a full and complication-free recovery for Madison Williams. The team is waiting to see that star shine!

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