On The Campaign Trail

Following around the two candidates for Meridian Township Clerk, I had a pretty cool opportunity to see the process from a different perspective.

Leaving all political opinions on the sidelines, I will say that I was able to see interesting interactions with some of the residents and the candidates. And talking with each candidate, I heard about the struggles they encountered on the journey.

The thing I found interesting was learning about each candidate’s process to make the general majority happy. Two different candidates, having similar approaches in some areas, but they each have their own personality – which makes each process quite different.

I will say, from a journalistic stand point that one of the most difficult parts of these stories was making them as equal as possible. While I knew to take my own bias out of each story, it goes deeper than that; I had to avoid giving either story incidental leverage – whether that was with the time of each story, letting certain styles affect the story differently, or even who I decide to put in the story alongside the candidates themselves.

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